Led By His Songs



I’ve wandered around the globe scouring for stories and it was always music that I stumbled upon. It’s alive in every tale tucked within the crevices of nature, faces and life.


For me, nothing connects us to the Creator or ushers in His Presence quite like music..


With every new read of an old scripture, the rhythm in His Word whispers to me a fresh story and evokes another revelation..


Through my travels, I’ve learnt that people will stroll in and out of your days; some encounters may last only mere moments and perhaps you won’t ever see or hear from them again.


Yet, there will be others who will leave sturdy footprints of memories that linger. These will be the fragments that form a bigger experience and make your journey whole.


There were days when drifting like a phantom amongst strangers in new places was a tad hard on the heart.


Yet for me, in seasons when I travelled far from God, the allure of solitude was indescribable. Whenever it came calling, I welcomed it with open arms and we settled in like old friends in companionable silence.


But it was only when I shared my solitude with the Holy Spirit and learnt to simmer in stillness with His Word that I finally heard His Voice.


You see, silence amplifies the voice of the Spirit and that’s when His stories and plans for me began to unfold in my heart.


“Therefore, behold, I will allure her, Will bring her into the wilderness, And speak comfort to her.” – Hosea 2:14


Then, when I chose to listen closely to the deafening silence that engulfed many of my days and nights, I began to hear His music. His songs are utterly ubiquitous in the quiet.


It hums through the caressing breeze, whispers with the rustling leaves, and belts out a thunderous chorus in the summer rains. These songs sewed the fabric of faith within my soul and as that faith in my Lord grew, so did my reliance and obedience in Him – and then the change began.


I’ve learnt that just one act of obedience can strengthen the threads of transformation in your life and those around you, and soon the cloak of your entire existence will become a new creation.


I only needed to take one little step towards my most loving Father and He led the rest of the way… with His song of salvation. My one certainty of irrevocable truth is this: My Lord is faithful – even when I am not.


These are my stories of His faithfulness..


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