Peter’s Need for Jesus



When Peter stood up boldly in the boat to step out and walk on water towards Jesus, it was NEVER on his own strength or will. He FIRST ASKED command him to come. Peter already understood the importance to only go when Jesus TELLS Him to.

He recognized the importance of standing on Jesus’ Word.

While we often relate this passage in Matthew 14 to Peter’s FAITH in Jesus – to step out of the boat and attempt the impossible, it is also important to acknowledge Peter’s OBEDIENCE and NEED for Jesus’ command.

Peter’s need for Jesus came from a place of deep intimacy with his Saviour – well BEFORE Jesus died on the cross for him.

Peter already saw Jesus as his Messiah and placed his complete devotion to Jesus and His Word. He needed only ONE word from Jesus – “Come” and he was ready to comply – even if it meant stepping out into a raging storm to walk on water – and why not?

To Peter, it simply meant walking one step closer towards HIS Beautiful Savior!

Whatever Jesus calls you to do in faith today, remember one thing: Jesus will only ask you to walk out into the unknown if that step of faith will bring you closer to Him. 

God won’t send you places where He will not be. That’s how you can discern God’s voice for your circumstance; His Will always leads to deeper intimacy! 


Is God prompting you to do something or go somewhere in faith? Discern how this action or move will affect your relationship with Him – will it deepen your intimacy with Him or will it cause you to take a step away from God?

Dear Lord, I don’t ever want to make a move or act without a word from you. Let all my actions and decisions cause me to walk closer with you and never away from you. Teach me to grow in my dependence in you so that in everything, it will be your will that is accomplished. Increase in me a greater measure of faith so that I will be bold to step out when you say “Come” even when I feel unsure. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


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