The Voice in The Word (1)


God’s Word is His voice. How often do you hear it? Do you believe He wants to speak to you?


The truth is, God wants to reveal “great and hidden things that you have not know” (Jeremiah 33:3), if you call out to Him. In fact, He longs for you to be able to hear Him. Isn’t that amazing?



Just take a moment and let that sink in deeper into you; God WANTS you to know Him more.


Jesus said in John 10:27, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” But to hear Him, we have to first switch off the distractions of the world. We need to dial down the white noise so that we can tune into the right frequency of His voice.


God is always waiting to speak; to tell us about His plans, how He feels – no different than how a close friend would. He is waiting to “instruct you and teach you in the way you should go” (Psalm 32:8).


The question is are we listening?


Do we really know His voice? How well do we really know God? If we don’t know God, then we won’t recognize His voice.



The Voice in The Word belongs to God. It’s where He wants us to go to know Him more. God desires His children to know Him intimately.


In one of His most heartfelt prayers for us, Jesus said to the Father in


Jesus’ heart cry was for us to know our Father so that we live in deep communion with God’s enduring love for us. That is the key to knowing who God is because, above everything else, God is Love.


This is Jesus’ longest recorded prayer to God and it is an intercession for us. It paints one of the most poignant portraits of Jesus and the Father. It reveals true intimacy and gives us the perfect glimpse of the kind of relationship God wants to have with His children.


In this one chapter, Jesus’ complete character is captured. As a man filled with anguish, staring at the face of death, Jesus prays and talks to His Father about eternal love and life. Here, Jesus’ divinity and unconditional love come alive. His thoughts are consumed, not with the crucifixion awaiting Him – as any man would, but with the people that He is leaving behind.


Jesus’ heart is broken and filled with compassion for His disciples, and all believers. He prays for the safety of His disciples so that God “keeps them from the evil one” (John 17:15). Then He prays for those who are yet to believe – with a conviction that they will return to their Father – through the coming works and words of His disciples.


Jesus discloses the desires of His grieving heart to the Father – speaking very plainly and openly.


It shows us a perfect picture of how we ourselves can sit in ONENESS before God to bare our hearts and desires to Him.


And it is THROUGH the Word of God that we are shown Jesus’ heart and nature. It is IN the Word that His voice speaks very plainly and reveals the stark nature of who He is.



Can you imagine how much we can gain if we heard only His voice in every challenging circumstance? How would our lives be different if we turned to God’s Word to hear His voice to guide us in ALL that we do? How often do we really do that?



Not the world. Not even yourself. Only who God says you are.


To build a strong identity in God, we must first understand who He is. When we know who God truly is, then we will know who we are.


The Word of God is the ultimate guide to truly become intimate with the nature of God. The Word of God brings God’s voice to life and “those who hear will live” (John 5:25). It not only gives us a clear picture of His personality but also reveals to us who He has made us to be. He is The Voice in The Word.


What can you do today to dig deeper into God’s Word to hear His Voice? What new thing can you do to allow the Voice in The Word to define and strengthen you?

 *also published in Christianity Malaysia


 **Come back next week to read Part 2 of ‘The Voice in The Word’ and discover how the Word of God can help you delve deeper into God’s Heart…


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